Salsa El Mariachi


This is my latest bike and coincidently, the one I’m riding the most.  Its a Salsa El Mariachi  with 29er wheels setup as a singlespeed.  I’m going to convert it over to a geared bike very soon and then it will be a great touring bike as it covers road miles fairly well but eats up gravel/fire roads.

Most of my touring on it will be a mixture of road riding with off-road links, so the semi-slick tyres I fitted to it should provide a good balance between speed and cornering ability.  It will also take 3 water bottles, so hopefully I wont have to carry a heavy bag full of water anymore (I can also fit Salsa Anything cages-cages that are designed to carry lightweight equipment) and its fitted with two bag carrying devices.

The bags are from Wildcat and attach to the seat post and to the handlebar. The seat bag with hold up to 8 litres of equipment (in my setup-due to the low top-tube, I can realistically carry 5 litres) and the handlebars will carry 13 litres.  I put all my heavy items into the seat bag (tools, stoves etc) as this keeps the bike nicely balanced and I put my lighter items (sleeping bag and spare insulation) into the handlebar bag so it does not upset the steering too much.


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