Recently, I have been blogging my own ‘doorstep adventures’.  These adventures are just that, a trip or outing that started from my own front door (and I don’t mean loading up the car…!).  It was partly inspired by three thing;

  • Alistair Humphreys and his ‘micro-adventures’, whereby he gives himself 24 hours to leave the office or home, sleep wild for the night and explore!
  • Patagonia’s ‘back-yard adventures’.  Similar setup to the above, but as its in the USA, its on a larger scale
  • My own shift in attitude.  I’m a great believer in buying an Ordnance Survey map of your own area and getting out and exploring it.

DSCF0937(Ok, not a ‘doorstep adventure’ but bike touring in Southern Ireland)

List of blogs that I follow

  • Alistair Humphreys-Cycled around the world in 3 years (also journalist), adventurer (sailing, rafting, travelling, walking a length of a motorway etc etc) and now a ‘micro-adventures’ innovator.  He’s also a hero of mine!
  • Patagonia clothing company-ran by a reluctant business man, an inspiring man, Yvonne Chouinard is a climber, fisher and surfer and as such, now runs his company to cater to these needs.  I guess you could add environmentalist to the list also.  Their company’s sister website shows all the adventures that ‘they’ have had
  • Cass Gilbert, cyclist, adventurer and journalist. I’ve read much of his published work, and it always puts me in the mood for packing my bike up and heading out touring.
  • A cycling blog from Newfoundland, has a good mix of fat-biking and bike-packing
  • Dr Jon! Good source of information on Jones’ bikes and Scotland.  Also willing to modify bike parts that he thinks he can improve on (i.e he took a hacksaw to a pair of XTR pedals to improve the design!)
  • CJ, Tour Divide rider and it would seems, an eccentric!
  • My own photo blog can be found here
  • Lastly, Jack Lewin-A close friend who I’ve shared many (mis)adventures with and who is planning on cycling around the world (I’ll be very jealous!!!).  Also climber and skier who is currently residing in North Wales and happens to right a good blog too!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Simon – I’m touched that I’ve made it to your list of blogs you follow. I, too, get inspired by many of the same blogs that inspire you.

    I got into the whole adventure-in-your-own-backyard thing more than 20 years ago and it has served me well. I started doing it out of necessity – we started a family and I didn’t want my active lifestyle to interfere with family life. So, for example, I sold my skis and snowboard (the nearest hill is 2 hours away) and bought snowshoes and literally began exploring my own backyard. Now that our children are young adults my “backyard” is expanding. A major reason for starting my blog was to show people here and from away my backyard – the province of Newfoundland – and what can be done here.

    Your photos are very good and it is an aspect of my blog I’d like to improve.

    I look forward to reading more from you.


    • Malcom,

      No problem, I found your blogs to be fascinating. Your ‘back-yard adventures’ cover some vast distances, something that is difficult to comprehend living in the England and you go out in all seasons (as opposed to England with either cold rain and ever-so-slightly warmer rain!).

      Its funny that you mention your family, as I’ve been married now for 18 months and its now time to start thinking about little Bryants! This is why I needed a change in attitude and I used this reason to explore the areas around my doorstep 🙂

      Happy riding

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