Post work commute

So, after riding into work early earlier in the week and enjoying the couple of hours of daylight for the week ahead (riding in day light is quite novel for me!), I managed to get a post-work ride.  I managed to leave work a few minutes earlier than normal (nice one gaffer!) and so headed east towards to solitude of the marshes.  The gravel roads took me through the wind-mills, whilst the sun gently warmed by back.

Finding the right spots for the stunning sun-set was easy enough, some slight higher ground and turning west made the task simple enough.  And what a view!  Having more time than I originally thought, the sun just hung there for ages, I managed to take photos from several spots and savour the stunning evening.  The evening was only spoilt by getting a puncture on my bike, oh well, that was swiftly dealt with!

All photos here are totally unedited.  Way to go for the humble iPhone 5!


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