Pre race thoughts

So, I’ve told everyone now that I’m entering into the Rovaniemi 300. A winter race held within the Arctic Circle, self supported and only my small thoughts for company if I’m lucky (and if I’m unlucky, some local wildlife!). Here’s a few thoughts on the processes involved.

The lure of the snow

I guess I could enter a race in the warmth, 20-25C would be perfect but it never appeals. Being cold, at breaking point and pushing my limits (not really that difficult to find) allures me. Ho hum!

Training started well but fizzled out. September and October started strong but November brought a month off the bike (the dreaded common cold), whilst Christmas had its own festive problems. Food, family and drink being the main culprits!

January saw a promising start but fell to the wayside. So here I am, looking at the longest ride of my life with the least training. Better go and read Zen in the art of climbing mountains. Might prove to be useful if memory serves me correctly!


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