January training log

Bike             Road ride
Time            sub 2hrs
Distance      48KM
Height gain  140m
Comments   Post work ride home the long way!!


Bike             Road bike
Time            2hrs 20
Distance      71KM
Height gain  270m
Comments   Very windy road ride, very good head winds (could average 30mph on flats) but painful headwind (~10mph on fats!).  Once café stop close to home.  Felt rubbish after!


Bike            Road ride
Time           2hrs 30 (total)
Distance     31KM pre-work and 40KM post work
Height gain 300m
Comments  Ride split over my working day, ideal for ‘training when you don’t feel up to it’.  Training in my eyes, should not always be done when you a) feel like it and b) feel good


Bike            Singlespeed mountain bike
Time           2hrs 30
Distance     52KM
Height gain 325m
Comments  Singlespeed ride after evening meal, mostly on road hence the higher average speed.  Conditions were poor, riding in sleet and rain in the dark.  Not many cyclists out!  Last section was off-road, some steep climbing in places


Bike             Singlespeed mountain bike
Time            1hr 45
Distance      34KM
Height gain  110m
Comments   Slow going, not sure why!  Similar route to last ride but without the steep climb at the end due to time restraints.  Another post work cycle, got to embrace the dark, lonely nights!


Bike            Singspeed mountain bike
Time           ~2hrs 30
Distance     51KM
Height gain 300m
Comments  Anniversay ride.  Was not planning on going riding, but the wifey wanted to go for a run, so got her sister to babysit, enabling myself to go out training in the morning.  Zero recovery time as it was a family day in the afternoon, so carried the little one around Chester Zoo (#secret training)


Bike            Singlespeed mountain bike
Time           5hrs (but 4hrs 30 riding)
Distance     85KM
Height gain 1100m
Comments  Very pleased with this one, felt good during the ride.  Mainly road but the off-road bits involved a lot of pushing/carrying/swearing!  Some slush on the hills.  Had two punctures during the ride, if not for them, it would almost be a 100% riding time.  Came home and felt good in the afternoon, fitness is definitely on the up!

– – –

Time           ~16hrs 40
Distance      412km
Height gain  2545m
Comments   After a slow start to January, I’ve managed to get a grip with the training.  My family have been great looking after my daughter so I can train and my wife has put up with several lonely nights whilst I’ve been out cycling.  Training, it would appear, is a very selfish hobby!  Training has been made easy but I’m struggling to recover afterwards due to family commitments, which is probably ideal for the Rovaniemi 150!

Also, special mention to Ellis Brigham and Cycle House for their support and sponsorship this past year


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