Doorstep adventures-recent rides

2014-09-17_08-19-33_HDR DSC_0867 DSC_0868 DSC_0875 DSC_0883

Cover photo – Morning frost

Top photo – Recent ride into work, the whole week had stunning sunrises like this.  Makes getting out of bed easier!

Next photo – Cheeky (but legal) singletrack on the way into work.  Sometimes its worth getting up 10 minutes earlier

Middle photo – Morning frost in September.  A little early but a pleasant way to start the day

Next photo – Taking in the local bridleways after my evening meal

Last photo – Sometimes, BOB needs loading up and taking out (Note, Tessy isn’t an evil dog despite her eyes!)

(all taken with a smartphone)


3 thoughts on “Doorstep adventures-recent rides

      • I used to be a Sony user for phones but I didn’t have so much luck. Keep losing them and now I’m using an iPhone. Ha. It’s a totally different story. It takes great photos w natural light, not so much on night time. Really loving mobile photography as of late.

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