Doorstep adventures-the spare hour ride

I had a spare hour today and what better way to spend it, then to get a quick blast on the bike.  It was also the ideal opportunity for me to test new kit out that I’ve recently purchased.  The new Salsa anything cages arrived about two weeks ago and fit onto the Salsa Fargo forks nicely.  My second purchase arrived this week, an Alpkit Possum half frame bag.  I’ve been searching high and low for these for months but could not find the right one for me, then I came across it, instant purchase.


The weather has been miserable for the past few weeks, overcast, high winds and rain (but blue sky on my days I’m in work!).  Today started no different but it had cleared up by the afternoon, so the bike was setup and I was soon rolling down the roads.  I took to the local cycle path and set off for a local hamlet, Showick where a Medieval church is the attraction.  A few more bridleways taken and a delicate crossing along the shores of the Wirral due to high tide, brought me into Neston.  I noticed a bridleway that I had not taken before and with a quick look on the map, it linked nicely into another bridleway that I had been eyeing up for a while.  To top it off, the sunset this evening was stunning


  A pretty successful trip and a few lessons learnt.  The frame bag is great, it fits 2 inner tubes and a pump, lock and a multi-tool in with a little space leftover for my credit card!  It doesn’t seem to affect the way the bike handles, sure its a little heavier but nothing that I would notice on a longer ride (taking into account less weight on my back).  The Salsa Anything cages were great, one cage was packed with a first aid kit, spare winter gloves and a hardshell.  The cage worked really well.  The second cage carried a water bottle and although it held the bag securely, it was a pain accessing it during the ride.  In the future, I’ll swap it over for a normal bottle cage for quick rides







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