WRC-Access all areas

The World Rally Championships came to town (well, not this town but the one after the next) and this was a golden opportunity to see of the top rally drivers and their cars.  I did not have tickets for the special stages but Park Ferme was local and free to get in.  Three of us popped down on Thursday night to see the cars coming back in from Day ones action.

We arrived at 8pm and had a two hour wait before the International Cars arrived, so we had plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere and wander around the paddock.  Access to the National Cars was impressive, it was only out of respect that we did not touch the cars, imagine that at a F1 race!










Photo credits

  1. Citroen team car
  2. Ford Garages
  3. Team cup cake!
  4. Jipocar-Czech National Team
  5. National series car
  6. How many tyres for 4 days and one car?
  7. Subaru (privateer team car)
  8. Open pits
  9. Ford Team area


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