Doorstep adventures-Tour of Britain

This was a 6 month build up for me. I’m a huge fan of cycling and I love seeing the sport live. I’ve seen 4 stages of the Tour de France, been to countless track events (I remember the days before the GB success, they’d beg you to turn up at the events!) and I’ve travelled in England to watch Crit racing and the Tour of Britain (back in the day- it used to be the milk race, then the kellogs tour…).

Anyway, I’m digressing from the main point. I booked the day off work and planned my ride out. I wanted a spot where the riders would be slowing down and 35km from my doorstep, I found the ideal spot.

I prepared for 6 months for this, closely looking at the route, picking out my best riding clothes for the day and making my latte in my favourite cycling mug.  See, getting the attention to detail correct was part of the day, part of the excitement. Its like going to a football match and making sure your jersey is not in the wash and you’ve got enough time to have several beers before the match!

I set of for the ride to Ruthin. Taking the first part of the ride easy, I took my right hand off the brake hanger and waved it between my frame. I went to grasp my water bottle but I couldn’t feel it. Maybe I was using my 500ml bottle and not the 750ml bottle and I would have to reach a bit further…

…still no luck in getting the bottle…

I looked down to locate the bottle and I couldn’t believe it. I had left both bottles at home and I had no time to get them…


…6 months to prepare for the ride and I forgot my water…

I popped into a café I was passing and bought a bottle from the lady.  She noted that a lot of cyclists had passed by that day was something going on?  I informed her about the Tour and was asked (straight faced)

‘are you taking part?!’





Upon reflection, I realised I had cycled 70km, sat at the road side for over an hour (and as picture two shows, on the wrong side!) shivering to watch no more than 10 seconds of live sporting action.  That’s either dedication or just plain crazy.   Either way, it was a good day out.

Photo credits

  1. Break-away group.  I moved to the other side of the road to get a better photo and stayed put for the peloton to come through
  2. Team Sky and the peloton (opps, and they’ve taken a different line to the break-away group leaving me boxed in)
  3. Team Rapha support car
  4. Team Sky support car


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