Doorstep adventures-The Commutes

I’m in the lucky position that I don’t own a car, which has more advantages that you may think. The first, I don’t have to do the food shop and secondly, I get to own an extra bike that has one sole purpose, for getting to and from work.

The bike will usually last for 3 years before its trashed, will generally do 15,000km in its life span and its never looked after. Its always a singlespeed bike and the chain gets replaced once every 6 months (my old road singlespeed would need a chain every 3 months).

As such, it gets abused and I’ll rarely use it on my days off. It always gets overlooked but for one rare week in September, it was my favourite bike. It shared with me some of the most beautiful riding moments that week that I’ve experienced in a long time.

My camera phone (with free HDR app) reveals why…









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