Doorstep adventures-Cause for concern?


As with my of my adventures, they begin with a map, a wild idea and Google Earth to see if the route is feasible.  Normally, its a no, but I still do the ride (as many with testify, my idea of a mountain bike route involves pushing, a lot of pushing and some carrying!).  I slipped up today and didn’t check Google Earth and more importantly, I didn’t bring any victims friends along with me…


I took to the gravel roads again and made an almost direct line to Frodsham.  I took a minor detour around an embankment to add in a bit of interest, which I got more than I bargained for!  On summitting the embankment, I could hear flowing water, a little odd I thought, so I checked it out and scrambled through the nettles to find this…


After a call to the Environment Agency, it would appear that all is well!  Its a silt/sediment outlet for the Manchester Ship Canal, hence its horrible colour.  Lets face it, I’ve never seen water that colour and thought it would be best to get it checked out.

I continued my ride and headed through Frodsham and up a small hill to the bridleway.  On arrival, it was overgrown and decided that I didn’t want to be stung by nettles, so I pushed onto the next bridleway to see if that was clear.  Lucky it was and I shot down the dual-track, around a farmers field and into a tight, technical singletrack in a wooded area.  Popping out of the woods I was greeted by a kissing gate, bugger, I must of taken a wrong turning!

I followed my nose and headed down the hill to where I guessed the River Weaver would be.  Through another kissing gate (confirming that I wasn’t on a bridleway) and I saw the river.  Now, this would be the easy bit, follow the path along to the canal locks, cross over and head home.  Easy!


Ermm, in short ‘no’.  No path on the ground existed, so progress was slow.  With my tyres pumped up for the gravel roads and a chewed up ground, I was getting bounced around and it was difficult to press on.  Passing over several gates and crossing a bridge, I spotted my escape.   The map indicated a farmers road back to civilisation.  I jumped at the chance to use it and made good progress on the way home without gates and bridges to navigate my way through.

Next time, I’m going to do my planned route in reverse as the second bit looks good, but I will definitely be missing out the River Weaver section on the bike as it just doesn’t work!  I may return to that section and walk the dog along it…


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