Further on up the road…

winter training

(picture taken several years ago on a foggy, icey ride)


Last night I reached a milestone. Only a small milestone, but one nevertheless!

1000km since New Years day (and yes, after a quiet New Years eve-curry and an early night, I did go out and get some miles in on New Years day!). Its a pity that the one-thousandth kilometre was completed by a dis-used diner in the dark, otherwise I would of taken a picture of my minor achievement 🙂

I’ve rode through thick and thin, through snow and slush, fog and rain, with the last week of the 1000km completed in sunshine. Its a shame the sun didnt last, but the cold, damp day has given my the perfect excuse to indulge in coffee, cake and bacon sandwiches, as well as catching up with blogging.

So, my plans for the next month? Hopefully I’ll get out of this rut of averaging 500km per month and will break free to get some longer road rides in. Watch this space…


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